Chef Murray G. Dychtwald

With 30 years experience as an executive chef, a culinary educator, a hospitality consultant, a food stylist, and a local television personality, and 25 years designing and building restaurants throughout New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, Murray G. Dychtwald serves on the board of the Ocean County Tourism Council, the advisory board of the Ocean County Vocational-Technical Schools, and the chairman of the Ocean County Foundation for vocational and Technical Education. As a culinary chairman he coordinates a number of annual charitable events including OCVTS Chef's Night Out & the Jersey Shore Partnership Celebration. Honored for his service to the community by local and state organizations alike, Murray continues to be a friend and advocate for the culinary & hospitality industry.


Barbara Schuldt
Vice President

Ms. Schuldt has been collaborating on design with Murray G. Dychtwald Consultants for over 25 years, while also overseeing all inside sales and warranty issues.


Matt Duer
General Manager

Mr. Duer has been in the hospitality industry for over 25 years and has overseen the installation of all types of restaurant equipment for over 200 restaurants, cafes, cafeterias, etc. With his expertise, we are able to bring your vision to fruition.


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Geoffrey Gogan | AIA Registered Architect | NJ, PA & NY
Mr. Richard Stange | Registered Architect | NJ & PA
Mr. Daniel O'Connor | Registered Architect | NJ, NY, CO, UK, & Italy
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Mr. Eugene Reynolds, Graphic Artist

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